Trust Founder

Our Khel India Trust was founded in August 2016 by Sh. Bhagat Singh Sahdev. This Trust is a stepping ahead move of this man after Baraut Rifle Club. By stepping further along with the Golden Legacy of Baraut Rifle Club, this man is now up to supporting several other sports with the help of this Trust and its academies for offering sports training. This page will help you in knowing more about the founder of this trust.

He is a renowned shooting player, a dedicated coach, a farmer, a social reformer and supporter for the many young ones. There are many shades of his life and each one is for the service of India. In the world of Shooting Sport, Mr. Jaspal Rana, renowned shooting star is his ideal and a trustworthy friend who always stand in his support for boosting skills of all trainees from the Rifle club and Trust.His love for the country yielded sports stars for the nation and also, boosted a spark in several lives to move in positive direction. Mr. Singh also has love for poetry about courage and love for country; especially written by Shri Hariom Panwar Ji. He is also inspired by social reformer Late Shri Rajiv Dixit Ji. He loves to listen his sayings and shows keen interest in following them. 

My country needs my discipline, my contribution, my dedication and above all my activeness. If we all start thinking in this way, there will be no hurdles in the growth of India. We all need to perform without being in wait for the government’s aid to accomplish any work that is needed for social welfare. I think in this way and I would love to give my best level performance then my results will bound others to support.

– Bhagat Singh Sahdev

Bhagat Singh Sahdev – Trust Founder

Bhagat Singh Sahdev was born in Village Pusar, Distt. Baghpat Uttar Pradesh. Being a boy from a simple farmer family, he is pretty close to agriculture and village culture. During his education in Jat inter college Baraut, he realized his love for arms and joined NCC.

Being a NCC cadet, Sh. Bhagat Singh won many medals and performed superb in several weapon drills. He had achieved A, B, C certificates in NCC. Passion for arms, country and brave heart of this man had given him a golden moment of life when he got the best cadet in UP state award 1997 by that time UP state Governor Mr. Romesh Bhandari.

Along with education, life was giving him an opportunity to be a star in games too. His capabilities were giving hint that he can make a name in the world of sports.

Sport is a major catalyst in driving young people away from unproductive activities.  This is a fact that sports play a vital role in all-round development of a human being and achieving excellence in sports has a great bearing on national prestige and morale. Considering this, he selected the Rifle Shooting Game. It was the grace of almighty that he got support of great human beings. Subedaar Boota Singh was the first man who guided him like a superb Guru about this game. Mr. Bhagat Singh loves to accept that reason behind his so far success is the consistent support of really good friends around him.

Rifle Shooting Game Journey: It’s not just a game

When you meet him, you will realize that this man is fully dedicated to this Rifle Shooting Game. Well, it is not just a game for him. It is actually a never ending journey for him and certainly, a way to serve his country. From study days to the days of Baraut Rifle Club, Rifle has given him a lot. With his honesty for the game and hard work, he made his family, birth place and country proud many times.

Love for the shooting game was started in NCC days. Over 50 medals as NCC cadet was just a milestone of the big journey. Bhagat Singh Sahdev became a name in UP state championships. There was a series of Gold medals and Silver medals over this name in State Championships. Year by year, he was becoming better shooter and ended well in several National level championships. Over 100 medals in state level and national level championships were marking the saga of this superb rifle shooting player.

Certainly, this was a good performance for a young boy from a rural area of Uttar Pradesh. He had noticed that this sort of achievement was not possible for everyone even if they are having a true talent of shooting. Due to lack of guidance and money, several of young players might stop in between their journey for becoming a national level player. Hence, Mr. Bhagat Singh founded Baraut Rifle Club in 2002 and also, an international level shooting range within this club.

Now, he was in the role of a coach. According to him, success will not come itself. It is simply a result of dedication, hard work and your will. If you think, you can do then certainly, you can do. Combination of positive mindset and true dedication has always come out as a Winner.

For me, Shooting is not just a game. This is my contribution towards my country and society. It is a way to give a positive direction to our youth. I feel pride when my players perform well in championships and it inspires me a lot to be dedicatedly in this never ending journey of a coach

– Bhagat Singh Sahdev

Being a coach, this man has given several state level as well as national level champions in rifle shooting sport. There are many of his players serving in Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Police Department within many states.

Initiatives for Society

Of course, sport is the first interest of Mr. Bhagat Singh Sahdev. But, he is also working sincerely for the welfare of society. Anything which can be in the benefit of society, Mr Singh is ready to contribute in this. He and his friend,renowned social reformer Shri. Amit Rai Jain have formed Bhartiya Yuva Kranti Dal which works in this direction. It has a big bunch of young boys and all these works to spread awareness in society and to boost the love for nation. It works at its best level for welfare of the Army men and farmers.

Yes, It’s All About Agriculture, Nature & Country

When you talk about his personality other than Rifle Shooting Sport, he is a man completely dedicated to Indian culture. He often talks about village life and its simplicity. Recently, one batch of research scholars from Delhi University has visited to him. These people were up to having an understanding of Village Culture and daily life. Mr. Bhagat Singh had welcomed them from the bottom of his heart and supported them in achieving their goal by sharing details about lives of villagers. Being a Nature lover, Bhagat Singh often loves to travel hill areas and that is the main reason behind frequent training camps in Dehradun, Haridwar & Rishikesh. Bhagat Singh admires hard work of farmers and count it as the most valuable for the development of country.

Khel India Trust – Founder’s Message

As a founder of this Khel India Trust, I would like to assure that we will not leave any stone unturned to follow our mission which constitutes of following points;

  • Helping young people acquire a positive self-esteem through the development and advancement to a competitive level
  • Promoting the sports amongst the less able and less privileged talented players
  • Establishing standards in the industry of sports management and attain leadership position by exceeding expectations

With our members’ continued support, we aim to develop the next generation of sports stars. We are having a responsible and professional approach to coach youngsters in several sorts of sports. We aim to be enthusiastic and patient thereby creating an environment where youngsters can learn at their own pace in a controlled and fun way.

– Bhagat Singh Sahdev